A play of shapes and colours which revives the senses and stimulates creativity

Living with accuracy and organization in the working space

An office needs suitable spaces in which to move, meet and live. The balance and aesthetics of the furniture elements in it represent you and what you do. The ARMETBOX cabinets from Armet meet everyone’s taste : they simplify order while giving a touch of creativity to the ambience. The compositional flexibility of the modules allows you to make the most of your spaces both vertically and horizontally. Perfect for executive, operational or multi-disciplinary open space offices.

The available range of colors allows you to coordinate environments in accordance with the chromatic choices of the entire space. For this project, the customer’s need was to find containers which can be at one with the walls, instead of covering them. The chosen colour has created a detachment from the side -scene as the individualised finish gave it elegance, transforming a useful element into a design object thanks to its storage capacity.